The information is an asset.
We believe in it and put it into practice


Biolinea was born as a training company. Therefore, we are a company of trainers, not of training managers. We believe that training is of vital importance, not a mere obligation or formality. Our courses, with very few exceptions, are provided by our own personnel. Our teachers have great professional expertise, at least three years in their particular areas of expertise before providing training courses. All our teachers have earned a minimum qualification of 8 out of 10, what makes our training courses pedagogically attractive, practice oriented and based on the daily professional activity. We have improved our training courses in terms of operative proceedings, quality of the service and performance. When we say that training is a personal asset and an asset for the company, we mean it; it is not empty rhetoric. We believe it and put it into practice.

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Companies can partially subsidize the training of their staff. The use and management of these training resources is regulated by the Ministry of Labor, through the Tripartite Foundation. In Biolinea, for our own courses, we do not charge anything for administrative management work ensuring that all available financial resources are earmarked for training. As in the training work itself, we are scrupulous in our work of administrative management of the subsidized courses, not in vain is the management of social resources of public interest.

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