Webinar: Prevención y control de la Covid-19 en el ámbito turístico

Webinar: Prevención y control de la Covid-19 en el ámbito turístico

Webinar: Prevention and control of Covid-19 in the tourism field: scientific bases and practical aspects.

By Dr. Sebastián Crespi Rotger

Wednesday, November 25, 2020. 5 pm.

Organized by: Col.legi de Biòlegs de Catalunya

Tourism has been the sector most affected by the health crisis derived from the pandemic. In this uncertain situation for the sector - and for the entire tourism value chain - it is more important than ever to have reliable and up-to-date information that allows us to offer clients and collaborating companies the most appropriate answers. It is essential to reinforce the long-term health and prevention strategy, in a context where the care of people and the environment occupy a central place in the recovery of tourism.

The CBC, in line with the commitment to training professionals and the dissemination of science to society as a whole, organizes this online seminar.


Dr. Sebastián Crespi Rotger. Biologist and Doctor of Pharmacy. Expert in Public Health and Sanitary Security in the tourism field. Scientific Director of Biolinea Internacional

Presenter and Moderator:

Mrs. Águeda Hernandez Rodriguez. Member of Health of the Governing Board of the Collegi de Biòlegs de Catalunya.


• Scientific bases of preventive protocols in tourism: what we know so far, and what we don't, about COVID-19

• The regulatory basis for health protocols in the tourism field: WHO Guidelines, Ministry of Health Guidelines and UNE Standards.

• About the surveys and the safety distance

• Food hygiene in times of the pandemic

• Cleaning and disinfection protocols in the tourism and restaurant sector

• Prevention in the area of technical services and maintenance: drinking water, recreational water, waste water, air conditioning and ventilation.

• Prevention in the workplace in the tourism sector: case studies and lessons learned

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